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Family Life

Family Life

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My uncle died on thursday - alis birthday = ( i did the usual lau thing cried for ten minutes then went out and got drunk to block it all out and plus i had to be all smiley cos it was alis birthday and i didnt want to ruin it for him. later that night as i sat watching  a candle flame i realsied that we all have to die at some point and that we should all just enjoy life cos youll never get this time back. so i guess it made me realise how precious life is so now im gonna live life in as happy and postive mood as i can = )

I think the main reason i was soo upset about my uncles death was because my family didnt even ring me up to tell me about it..they sent a text and it wasnt even from my dad- i expected my dad to tell me cos it was his brother and my mum and my dads side of the family dont really speak. the funeral will be this week coming i expect...i bet i wont be invited = ( its not like i used to see my uncle that often but it still hurts that i wont see him again and he was family. I will be soo angry if my younger half brother and sister go and my dads 'lover'. I mean it should be my mum that goes seeing as she is married to my dad! Why do my dads side of the family think its acceptable for my dad to fuck off and have an affair, father two kids and still carry on like everything is okay with my mum when hes still seeing this other women. There was a point when i kinda accepted what my dad did and became close to rach (person he had the affair with) but these last few weeks ive become angry at what my dad did. But to be honest im here in uni so im just gonna let him get on with it and play happy families. 

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