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Hmmmm mr depp

Hmmmm mr depp

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ive made an appointment with the counsellor but apparently the waiting list is seven to ten days = ( but at least ive made the appointment!

On happier stuff i have found somewhere to live next year!!! woop!! = D im gonna be living with six other people in a flat which is only ten mins from the uni and close to all the shops!!! hee hee = ) 

Visiting lexy this weekend in bath spa too which will be kewlio and she knows where mr johnny depp lives!!! yaaaaaaaay ha! then on monday i should be in cardiff for my uncles funeral = ( but that means i have loads of work to do before the weekend cos my second seminar presentation is on the tuesday! Feck i have a seminar presentation tomorro too boo = ( oh wells should be off out tonight to wtch a film at the su but its a war film aparently = S not my first choice but pfft 

haves a kewlio night 

  • ah johnny depp *drool*

    he was spotted in one of my favourite cocktail bars in York once, damn the fact that I wasn't there! :(
  • Thats great news and Johnny Depp omg if you see him you must tell us about it!!! Btw I love your icon its really pretty!!~Bee
    • cheers = D ill probably turn into a bit of a stalker tomorrow !! lol *dreams* x
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