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Fun fun fun

Fun fun fun

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Havent written on here in a while!!

Facebook has become my new obsession!! swear im going to fail my degree because of its very existence!!!! Maybe i should ban myself from going on it??!! lol

So it be st patricks today!! woop. thinkies im going to go rave it up somewhere!! and probably end up getting super super drunkard!!

Went out last night and got more pissed than i  initially intended to!! ha! i was okays until these people we met gave us free shots! which were skanky and fool and a very very very high percentage ofs alchyhol!!! : ) That got me a little tipsy!!!! but also made me feel a little unwell!!! Got back to mine at some ridiculous time and decided to cook!! : S drunk cooking is soooooooo much fun!! ha !! i cooked fishfingers then we had stir fry!! although the people i share the kitchen with werent too impressed by the state the kitchen was left in oopsie!! : ) but thats a student for you!! ha ha ha 

I think i finally knows how ali feels about me. he still hasnt said "i love you" but he says that when he wakes up each morning he thinks about me and that he thinks im wonderful!! : D yaaaaaaay that makes me super dooper happy and smiley!! wooop

  • (Anonymous)
    YAY! so happy for u hun =D

    Easter should be a laugh =)
  • Lol, facebook is dangerous! I spend waaay too much time on there!
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