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My Own Little World

All About Meeee




April 27th, 2007

New LJ


Hey people!
I now have a new lj account which i will be using from now on : )
 Im now pixie_xx_dust
So check it out ( i warn you its not that thrilling yet!) and add me!

March 18th, 2007

(no subject)

wtf  - darls?????


how bloody patronising


March 17th, 2007

Fun fun fun

Havent written on here in a while!!

Facebook has become my new obsession!! swear im going to fail my degree because of its very existence!!!! Maybe i should ban myself from going on it??!! lol

So it be st patricks today!! woop. thinkies im going to go rave it up somewhere!! and probably end up getting super super drunkard!!

Went out last night and got more pissed than i  initially intended to!! ha! i was okays until these people we met gave us free shots! which were skanky and fool and a very very very high percentage ofs alchyhol!!! : ) That got me a little tipsy!!!! but also made me feel a little unwell!!! Got back to mine at some ridiculous time and decided to cook!! : S drunk cooking is soooooooo much fun!! ha !! i cooked fishfingers then we had stir fry!! although the people i share the kitchen with werent too impressed by the state the kitchen was left in oopsie!! : ) but thats a student for you!! ha ha ha 

I think i finally knows how ali feels about me. he still hasnt said "i love you" but he says that when he wakes up each morning he thinks about me and that he thinks im wonderful!! : D yaaaaaaay that makes me super dooper happy and smiley!! wooop


March 10th, 2007

Lots of questions !!!!!!!!

What does your best friend call you? I have quite a few nicknames : O lau, lau lau, lj, stressy, stressball, baboon, pixie, jenko, smirnoff ice girl, ice queen!!
How many people would you say you've been "serious" with? Two
Have you ever streaked? Nopes..too self concious for that .....well whilst sober !!!
Would you prefer a thunderstorm or for it to be snowing? Snowing cos its pwetty and you can make snow angels and go sledging!! hee hee such a little kid : ) even though i hate the cold *shivers*
Who do you call the most? Err more of a texty girly to be honest!! only really call people when drunk!!
What is your favorite thing to shop for? Jewellery, clothes and handbags!! : )
What company is your cell phone provider? T - mobile
Have you ever kissed just a friend? Yes
Who is your most recent crush? Matt bellamy - Mr muse man!! lol
What is your pet's name? Jake
What were you doing 4 hours ago? Just getting out of bed !! : O
Where did you go to today? To sainsburys!! lol
In school, how was/is your attendance record? At school it twas okays cos i was a goody two shoes!! but at uni that all seems to have gone out the window! : S really must start going to all my lectures!!
Do you like spicy foods? Indeeeeeeeeedi : )
What friend do you get along with the best? Most of them <3
Have you ever fought for the opposite sex? Kinda
Are you that good at math? Ha! your having a giraffe!!!
What do you get complimented on the most? My smile : ) *grins*
Do/did you listen to your parents? Kinda...but just tend to rebel against them!! aaah the joys of uni : )
At what age did you learn to ride a bike? 2/3????
What's your favorite holiday? Dunno
Have you ever gone to a concert? Im going to see Muse in june *jumps up and down* wahoooooooooooooo
When was the last time you drove out of town? I cant drive : (
Ever dyed your hair? Yes and it turned orange !! : O damn thing
Do you kiss with your eyes open or shut? Shut but sometimes i peek!! : P aaah kisses *dreams*
Do you have any siblings? Do you get along? 4 of the things! kinda
What brand of shirt did you wear today? A black one with glitter on it from new look
Who is one celebrity you can't stand? Hugh Grant
Do you cry a lot? Hell yes
Would you rather date Leonardo DiCaprio or Matt Damon? Matt Damon : p
Do you act more silly or serious? Depends..both : )
Are you good at keeping secrets? Yeps
Did you participate in gym class? Kinda
Do you have any superstitions? Mirrors, magpies
Would you rather save or spend your money? Spend!!! : D
Do you ever wear hats? Sometimes
Do you ever get hit on? Yes 


February 28th, 2007

Hmmmm mr depp

ive made an appointment with the counsellor but apparently the waiting list is seven to ten days = ( but at least ive made the appointment!

On happier stuff i have found somewhere to live next year!!! woop!! = D im gonna be living with six other people in a flat which is only ten mins from the uni and close to all the shops!!! hee hee = ) 

Visiting lexy this weekend in bath spa too which will be kewlio and she knows where mr johnny depp lives!!! yaaaaaaaay ha! then on monday i should be in cardiff for my uncles funeral = ( but that means i have loads of work to do before the weekend cos my second seminar presentation is on the tuesday! Feck i have a seminar presentation tomorro too boo = ( oh wells should be off out tonight to wtch a film at the su but its a war film aparently = S not my first choice but pfft 

haves a kewlio night 


February 24th, 2007

Family Life

My uncle died on thursday - alis birthday = ( i did the usual lau thing cried for ten minutes then went out and got drunk to block it all out and plus i had to be all smiley cos it was alis birthday and i didnt want to ruin it for him. later that night as i sat watching  a candle flame i realsied that we all have to die at some point and that we should all just enjoy life cos youll never get this time back. so i guess it made me realise how precious life is so now im gonna live life in as happy and postive mood as i can = )

I think the main reason i was soo upset about my uncles death was because my family didnt even ring me up to tell me about it..they sent a text and it wasnt even from my dad- i expected my dad to tell me cos it was his brother and my mum and my dads side of the family dont really speak. the funeral will be this week coming i expect...i bet i wont be invited = ( its not like i used to see my uncle that often but it still hurts that i wont see him again and he was family. I will be soo angry if my younger half brother and sister go and my dads 'lover'. I mean it should be my mum that goes seeing as she is married to my dad! Why do my dads side of the family think its acceptable for my dad to fuck off and have an affair, father two kids and still carry on like everything is okay with my mum when hes still seeing this other women. There was a point when i kinda accepted what my dad did and became close to rach (person he had the affair with) but these last few weeks ive become angry at what my dad did. But to be honest im here in uni so im just gonna let him get on with it and play happy families. 


February 21st, 2007


Why is it so difficult to say i love you back??  x 

I wish he'd say it back

February 20th, 2007

Facebook Moi!!


February 17th, 2007


So i said those three little words:

                            " I Love You " 



February 14th, 2007

= D

valentines day looks like its gonna be pretty damn kewl!! = D

have the flowers and im off to spend the night with ali soonish = D 


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